In sync with medicinal herbs is my equine passion for the study of ‘horsemanship’.  After years of competing in eventing, and time spent as a hunter/jumper and training in dressage, I came to realize that a very important piece of my equine training was missing, it all felt too mechanical and I knew I needed to look deeper.

As hard as I tried to memorize the correct body positioning to complete a successful dressage movement, it just wasn’t working for me.  I needed to understand more about how to get my mind and body in time with the horse’s feet so that I could get in time with their body and their mind.  That’s when I finally discovered the teachings of Tom and Bill Dorrance and Ray Hunt. 

To understand and learn more, I enrolled in clinics with Buck Brannaman, Joe Wolter, Bryan Neubert, and Peggy Cummings, and along with the guidance of my horsemanship minded trainers, and my mentor, Dave Williams, I came to realize that it wasn’t about being the ‘boss’ or ‘dictator’ over the horse.  What I was searching for was to be able to look into my horse’s eyes and see no fear. What I craved was a partnership, where trust, and mutual respect would earn me the privilege of becoming their leader.

I also greatly enjoy teaching, especially children, whose minds I have found are open and willing to learn.  I have discovered that their curiosity and their intuitive ability to understand how to pet the horse ‘from their heart’ is the foundation I want them to continue to learn from. 

The very first thing my students learn is that safety always come first, for both the horse and the rider.  At Wild Horse Mountain Farms, it’s all about teaching trust and building self-confidence in both the student and the horse. I continue daily to research and develop horsemanship ‘lesson plans’, to help aid them in learning about integrity, accountability and compassion in all walks of their lives. 

In addition to the Trail Horse Park, Wild Horse Mountain Farms has a large 72’ x 168’ indoor arena, where Linda Wagner teaches Horsemanship Foundation to children and adults of all ages.


It’s all about learning what's best for the human and the horse. Linda hosts a variety of clinics covering a wide range of wellness topics, from Connected Riding,  Intuitive and bio-resonance therapist coaching, equine osteopathic bodywork, to healing with Essential Oils for the Equine and Pranic Healing.

But it doesn’t stop there. 


Linda is constantly researching 'like minded’ clinicians to host at WHMF, supporting all equine disciplines. 

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."
-Winston S. Churchill

It’s not just about earning a

Blue Ribbon, it’s more about sharing a “Win Win” for the student and the horse.

Children naturally know how

to ‘pet’ from their heart. 

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