Each night at Wild Horse Mountain Farms, the horses look forward to their herbal teas. Linda Wagner is continually researching new healing tea blends, oils, salves, and poultices to help her horses maintain a healthly lifesyle that comes as close to nature as possible.

          Linda enjoys sharing what she has learned with her clients. Her goal is to provide holistic methods to others so their companions can reap the benefits of pure wellness.

          Linda is passionate about the study of medicinal herbs. She became interested in the healing properties of plants and weeds after witnessing her mustangs graze on particular plants. In order to gain greater understanding, Linda began studying at the American College of Healthcare Sciences where she earned two certificates.


Herbal Retail Management & Natural Products Manufacturing 


          During her free time, Linda continues to study herbs and has even begun to plant, grow, and harvest a plethora of varrying medicinal herbs on site. Calendula Yarrow, Echinacea, Rue, Catnip, and Lavender just to name a few. She often consults with her personal equine veterinarian to implement new holistic methods.


"Although the horse came from the wild, we can bring a little nature back to them through medicinal herbs." -Linda Wagner

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